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Would you help a child if it did not cost you anything, not even a can of food?The state of Arizona offers tax credits to people who donate to private school tuition organizations.  This is a dollar for dollar tax credit, not a deduction.  You can donate as much as you would like, but if you are single, and donate up to $500.00, or if you are married and file your income taxes jointly, $1000.00 of your donation is eligible for a tax credit the next time you file your Arizona State income taxes.  Any amount above that is still eligible for a tax deduction.  If you would like the tax credit on your 2012 returns, you must donate before April 15, 2013, or as you are sending in your return, which ever is first.  Arizona does it because it cost much less to educate a child in the private sector than it does in the public sector.  It actually saves taxpayers a lot of money!​ The child attends a school of their choice, the parents get help with the tuition, the private school gets additional students, the public schools are able to have smaller classes than they would otherwise, and you get the tax credit, making it free for you. ​It is a win, win, win, win situation.  

Except in the cases of unusual circumstances, we only provide scholarships to the students from lower income families.  In other words, each receipent needs to qualify for free or reduced lunch programs in order to receive a scholarship from us, unless thers is an unusual circumstance connected to the student.  See the forms page to see if your child qualifies.

By law, we must disburse at least 90% of all donations directly to scholarships.  We disburse 92%.  We have no application fee, and disburse funds as they come in.  For more information, call Robin at 602-318-7477.
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